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Salary: Salary plus Commission (expected $80,000/annual+)

Position Type: Permanent full time. The operation runs 8:30am to 9:30pm 7 days a week.

Language: Excellent oral and written English. Other languages are an asset but not required

Education and Certificate: FSCO license

Experience: Will Train. Computer competency a must. Previous tele sales experience highly desirable.

Transportation: Office environment with potential of some work from home

Work Environment: Coffee shops in building and near restaurants, mall, YRT and GO transit, and shopping stores

Job Description:

    • Oversee the schedule, activities and evaluation of call center personnel

    • Co-ordinate website, social media and other development activities with our partners

    • Co-ordinate trade show event and other marketing activities

    • Contact prospect who have made inquiries about our product and book phone/face to face meetings

    • Take application by phone for clients wishing to purchase product immediately

    • Assign appointment to local advisors

    • Complete sales reporting



    • Base salary

    • Booking bonus, close business bonus on booked appointments

    • Commission on inside sales

    • Advancement opportunities

    • Benefits package under review

    • Trips and more


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