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Salary: Commission base + Bonuses

Hours: Flexible

Language: Excellent English. Other languages are an asset but not required

Education and Certificate: LLQP License (or willing to obtain)

Experience: Sales or professional background preferred. You will receive advance condense training with your most important carriers. Both classroom and field training support will be provided. Insurance background preferred but not required.

Transportation: Your required to have a vehicle and a valid driver license

Job Description:

    • Meeting with existing:

      • Reviewing existing coverage and identifying gaps

      • Providing and complete financial needs analysis

      • Handling referrals and upsell opportunities

    • All existing clients are provided by Zoobla Financial.

      • No need to purchase books of business

      • No commission splits on clients

    • No cold calling, no recruiting no prospecting required.

    • Over 30 carriers (all of them). Be able to ALWAYS have the best option and Rate for your client. Insure an 80-year-old with Disability, critical Illness, Life, Health benefits, travel insurance and help them with their investments. No client declined for any reason on life insurance until age 85.

    • Use of advance technologies including:

      • Electronic application with 24 carriers for real time submission

        • Fastest turn around and quick weekly pay on most policies

      • Carrier comparison software to quickly tell you who has the best rate for your client. Never be undercut.



    • High commission potential with bonuses. Make a superior income.

    • Performance base trips at various locations around the WORLD

    • Dinners, shows and events with partnered insurance companies and much more


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