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Our Values

We strive to be the best in our industry..
Being available to clients in the best form and shape.
We owe it to our clients to have them informed about 
available products and be there for them when no one else is,
Our clients share the same values.


Our Core Values

  • A young company focusing on bringing new advisors into the industry
  • Having a corporate objective to employ 40-60% woman in our sales force
  • Believing in training
  • Believe in reflecting the cultural diversities of the communities we serve
  • Believe in protecting the environment
  • Giving back to society, communities, and the organizations we work with
  • Believe in people
  • Minimizing automation of phone system and online customer service. You will always be able to speak to a person
  • Being a leader in customer service
  • Offering support after hours when insurance carriers have closed for the night
  • Communicating with our clients by phone, text, email, or however they desire
  • Providing support in claims and other areas in ways not traditionally available through a normal broker