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Final Expenses or
Life Insurance

Looking for final expense or life insurance?
Zoobla Insurance Brokerage offers Traditional Life insurance, Simplified Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Whole Life, T100, Decreasing Term Insurance.
Most importantly we cover all ranges of health.
Our trained advisers like wise make sure that they explain all options to you,

Leaving Our Family One Less Thing to Worry About

Concerned about leaving your loved ones with the heavy burden, that is to say, of paying your final expenses.
Funeral or Final expense costs today average in the thousands of dollars, for instance, simple arrangements are rising steadily.
It isn’t unheard of that final expenses will reach $10,000 for cremations or as high as $25,000 for burials.

Final Expense is a important insurance, certainly it takes care of bills and costs that are associated with final expenses:

  • Burial or cremation
  • Cemetery costs
  • Funeral home
  • Limousine
  • Chapel
  • Musical services
  • Funeral van
  • Laboratory costs
  • Body expense

However it is useable for other end-of-life expenses, when your family might be overwhelmed with:

  • Capital gains
  • Taxes 
  • Legal fees 
  • Outstanding debts

Most importantly, Zoobla Insurance Brokerage will arrange your final expense insurance that will protect your family.
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To clarify of not having Life Insurance

We don`t like to think about dying however we owe it to our loved ones. Ensuring that you don’t leave them with costs that financially devastate them.
When we pass away, as a result, our children, spouse, or loved ones are emotionally vulnerable. On the other hand they aren’t prepared for the significant expenses that will be associated with final costs.
For instance, not being able to access assets (physical or liquid) to pay for Final expense or other costs.

Keep the Family safe from:

  • Having to liquidate their home for less than market value as a result of being unable to handle the ongoing costs during the estate freeze
  • Incurring personal debt to pay for our funeral, burial, or cremation
  • Paying probate fees to the government.
  • Draining personal savings to pay the funeral home as most of them require immediate payment.

Consequently What You Need To Know


  • Guaranteed, 100% approval regardless of your medical condition, up to the age of 85.
  • Coverage is available with or without a medical exam, sometimes without even needing to answer health questions.
  • Rates start as low as $37.01 per month for a 50-year-old woman
  • Obtain coverage up to $100,000 with guaranteed eligibility for most individuals ages 40 to 85.
  • Coverage guaranteed for life with premiums that never increase and no renewals nor reviews of your policy necessary.
  • Payouts to your family are typically processed within 24 hours.
  • Compensation paid directly to your beneficiaries, above all bypassing an estate freeze that could lock your physical & liquid assets for months!

In Fact You Need Final Expense Insurance


  • Protects your loved ones from carrying the heavy burden of final expenses while they are coping with your passing.
  • Can be used for other end-of-life expenses that you might leave behind, including medical bills, care related costs, capital gains taxes, legal fees, or outstanding debt.
  • Affordable – most policies cost less than a coffee a day
  • Final expense insurance ensures that your funeral costs do not diminish what you’ve worked hard for consequently to leave for your family.

Lastly, Make Final Expense Insurance the gift you leave for them.