We are an eco-friendly financial business solution providing personal insurance products including:

⇨ Life Insurance

⇨ Disability Insurance

⇨ Critical Accident Insurance

⇨ Health and Dental Insurance

⇨ Investment Products

⇨ Group Insurance

⇨ Other Personal Insurance Products

Our advisors receive advanced specialized training, helping not only our healthy clients, but also allowing us to insure those who are in higher age brackets, those who have preexisting conditions, or are otherwise difficult to insure. This specialized training grants them the ability to find solutions for people who were told they could not get coverage, or were rated with higher monthly premiums.

Our advisors do NOT engage in telemarketing or door to door knocking, nor are they required to solicit their friends or family. Our advisors work exclusively from referrals, or from given leads of prospective clients. We prefer to work with clients who are actively seeking protection for themselves and their dependents.

Founder / President

⇨ We are a young company focusing on bringing new, younger, advisors into the industry

⇨ We have a corporate objective to employ 40-60% woman in our sales force

⇨ We believe in training

⇨ We believe in reflecting the cultural diversities of the communities we serve

⇨ We believe in protecting the environment

⇨ We believe in giving back to society, communities, and the organizations we work with

⇨ We believe in people

⇨ We minimize automation of phone system and online customer service. You will alaways be able to speak to a person

⇨ We believe in being a leader in customer service

⇨ Offering support after hours when insurance carriers have closed for the night

⇨ Communicating with our clients by phone, text, email, or however they desire

⇨ Providing support in claims and other areas in ways not traditionally available through a normal broker

As the “Zoo” part of our name suggests, we have a wide variety of unique products similar to how a Zoo has a wide variety of unique animals. We are able to showcase many different insurance products to our clients.

This part of our name refers to having a “Bla Bla”, a down to earth conversation about the products we offer. It’s about not being pretentious; we use plain language when speaking with our clients. We do not use acronyms when communicating. We believe if we use language our clients understand, they are more than capable of drawing their own conclusions on what is best for themselves.

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